The fifth wave of the pandemic is currently wide spreading in Hong Kong and it causes drastic impacts to food, retail and beauty businesses. Several companies are forced to shut down. Lisa Chong (莊思明) and her boyfriend, Matt Yeung (楊明) own 6 branches of their soup restaurants which is an extreme challenge to them. They have stopped operating 5 branches and suffered at least 7 digit figure. Right now, only the remaining branch offers delivery services.

During an interview with the media, Lisa expressed it was hard to run a business and offering delivery services was insufficient to pay wages to their staff, and the landlord refused to reduce the rent. They suffered from heavy losses at 7 digit figure and were forced to proceed with retrenchment.

In addition, Lisa’s elder sister, Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏) is the owner of a bubble tea shop. She disclosed her employees were tested positive and hoped to open her shop again, after 7 days later.

Finally, William Tang (鄧達智) opens a private kitchen and it is closed since the fifth wave. He explained the landlord wanted to increase the rental by 250% as the lease agreement was expired. 6 years ago, William decided to set up a food business as it was his dream and pointed it was an enriching experience. Overall, he earned some profits since operating for a few years.