Earlier, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) shared his love story with his wife, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) and confessed he was interested in her as one of the judges in Ms Hong Kong pageant during the show (人夫放假約出去滾). This time, she is invited to Sharon Chan’s (陳敏之) YouTube channel, Chit Chat as a guest and admitted she was bedazzled by Ruco: “I am completely smitten with him and cannot escape from him at all. Perhaps I like and admire him more in the past.” At the time, Phoebe watched TVB drama, Outbound Love (單戀雙城) because of Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and begun to notice Ruco. Both proceeded to date and set up a family together.

Phoebe disclosed Ruco complimented her frequently in their relationship initially: “It is the first time that somebody keeps praising me including holding a cup of water. He knows how to admire me even if it is a small matter. However, we begin to have arguments after married and I am clueless that he used to praise me all the time. After all, Ruco is a handsome man and I do feel insecure.”

Subsequently, Phoebe gave birth to a baby girl named Quinta after tying the knot with Ruco in 2018. She revealed he was jealous as Quinta was more clingy to her: “Ruco always assumes she likes him more than me but it is not. Thus, I try to arrange more activities to increase their bonding. Right now, Quinta tells her daddy that she dislikes him and it makes him feel heartbroken. He then asks her if she is alright. Before married, Ruco is a very stern person but becomes a nice and happy father now.”

In 2016, Phoebe participated in Ms Hong Kong pageant without her parents’ knowledge and ignored their objections to join show business: “They were very shocked when I joined the beauty pageant. I treated it as a challenge and it did not matter if I lost. I was eliminated eventually.” Despite that, she gave a deep impression to Ruco who admitted it was love at first sight: “I feel she lacks of confidence on the stage and really want to protect her.” Both increased their understanding through the company’s events and got married after dating for more than a year. Quinta is growing up happily and getting cuter.

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