Priscilla Wong’s (黃翠如) acting skills in Battle of the Seven Sisters (七公主) drama was slammed by the public in last September. Subsequently, she said “goodbye” and disabled the comment feature on her social media account. Priscilla explained it was because of personal remembrance but the public suspected she suffered from mood disorder. During that period of time, she followed her husband, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) to film drama in Taiwan and posted an online message: “Found my battery after walking one round.” Priscilla makes a new beginning in Hong Kong.

A few days ago, Priscilla uploaded a video that she would be promoting an online paid service platform in Malaysia. In the video, she smiled happily and looked energetic, while moving her luggage to the vehicle and Edwin stayed at home to wait for work. During an interview with Ming Pao (明報), Priscilla disclosed she would be setting off to Malaysia and handling her private issue at the same time: “I am paying a visit to my best friend and god son in Malaysia as well. I reckon I will stay over there for a month.” Due to the pandemic, she was required to be under quarantine for 5 days upon arrival.

Priscilla added she worked on behalf of her husband in Mainland China before resuming her work: “I became his replacement as he was busy. (Are you ready to work?) Please do not say that. I have nothing much to do and enjoy my life to the fullest. There were too many health issues at home last year and it makes me realise health is the most important.”

Finally, Edwin clarified Priscilla did not stop her work as the company had not made any work arrangements: “She is a very smart woman. It is good to see her working.”