Amigo Choi (崔健邦) and Mayanne Mak (麥美恩) host the second season of Bong Bong Amigo (諸朋好友) show. In the latest episode, they invited action star Andy On (安志杰) and Philip Ng (伍允龍) who disclosed he knew Andy by training Vanness Wu (吳建豪) and him in Star Runner (少年阿虎) film.

At the time, Philip received a phone call from Andy and said: “I discovered he did not have my name in his contacts but a “?” only.” Andy explained in embarrassment: “I have difficulty in remembering names and recall that he is a friendly man. However, I did not ask for his name.”

Both become good friends because of similar life perspectives. Philip revealed Andy helped him upon arriving in Hong Kong: “At the point, the district that I was living was rowdy and went to his house to sleep frequently, He always welcomed me and made me felt very comfortable. It is very rare for a man to behave that way and we have no relatives in Hong Kong too.”

Besides that, they are good friends with Vanness after participating in Star Runner movie together. Philip pointed he was unfamiliar with Vanness and disliked his attitude: “I felt he was a bad and cocky person. It turns out that Vanness is a nice man who loves to talk about cartoons all the time. I know Andy disliked him initially as well but my impression of him begun to change subsequently.”

Andy expressed he saw Vanness for the first time at a pub: “It was summer and I saw him walking down in a down jacket from the staircase. He also told me not to eat chewing gum while smoking at the same time and I understood his kind intention. However, I was young and failed to realise it.”

Finally, the misunderstanding was resolved during a dinner meeting. Vanness asked Andy directly if he disliked him and vice-versa. Philip witnessed the whole scene and they became good friends thereafter.