In recent years, 59-year-old Gallen Lo (羅家良) shits his career focus to Mainland China. Other than filming drama, he participates in variety shows and becomes online sales promoter. As a celebrity, it is important to be in tip-top condition at all times. Earlier, Gallen was criticised for his heavy dark eye circles and appeared tired in a stage performance in Mainland China. He was pointed to look old and the netizens felt he was not as charming as before.

Nevertheless, Gallen ignored the gossips. Lately, he uploaded 2 videos and wore leather jacket in the first video. Gallen’s main purpose is to make different postures to capture his fans’ hearts. He posted an online message: “It resembles a new male pop idol group joining the industry but it has another meaning.” However, he failed to impress the netizens and they said: “You look old in leather jacket. Not as charming as before.”

In the second video, it focused on Gallen at close distance and we could see his wrinkles clearly. Thus, he suffered another criticism. Looks like Gallen is indeed getting old.