Philip Ng (伍允龍) and his good friend, Andy Hui (安志杰) shared their love history at TVB show, Bong Bong Amigo (諸朋好友) hosted by Mayanne Mak (麥美恩) and Amigo Choi (崔建邦). Andy used to date Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷) and felt helpless when described as “someone’s boyfriend”. Compared to Andy, Philip was in a worse situation.

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) was Philip’s old love and was pointed as “someone’s boyfriend”, “little-known artiste” and an “extra”. He said: “At the time, I signed contract with Wong Jing (王晶) and participated in several films including playing male lead in Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (惡戰) movie. I put in the same effort as other actors but they continued to use those words. In a car accident scene From Vegas to Macau (賭城風雲) film, I was knocked down 25 times and nobody knew about it. I also broke my leg when jumping down from the first floor. I am not complaining but why are you focusing on my love life? Am I right? A magazine even described me as “little-known artiste” and I showed it to Wong Jing. I feel unhappy the more I see it.”

When Amigo asked about his reason for refusing to give up the relationship since facing countless of criticisms, Philip replied: “It is nothing really. We do feel happy but I reckon the main problem is our work. She wanted to hide me and I do understand it. After all, she was very popular at the point and I was a nobody. However, it is overboard and hurt me as well. During the first interview, I do feel slightly unhappy when mentioned about it. Why is she doing this to me?”