After 15 years later, beautiful mum Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) participates in ViuTV new drama (反起跑線聯盟) focusing on education system in Hong Kong. Many parents become ” tiger mum and tiger dad” as they wish to see their children to succeed in life. In the series, Gigi wishes her child will have a happy learning experience and has the same perspective in real life.

Gigi pointed it was considered a comedy drama which showed different perspectives towards education and believed it would become a heated discussion. When mentioned about a scene teaching her daughter to do homework, she replied she treated it seriously and nearly finished the homework. Her father’s appearance becomes her saviour and my effort is wasted.”

Next, Gigi believed many families experienced similar situations and understood the feeling: “Somebody suggested me to hire a tuition teacher so as not to make the bonding worse. During the pandemic, I feel it is better for me to teach my daughter, Sofia personally. Most importantly, the parents must have the same thinking. Sometimes, my Sofia and I will cry during the lesson. Anyway, we learn it together and will take a break if she feels tired. It is essential to maintain a balance.”

Gigi confessed she was not a “tiger mum” as she did not have high expectation in herself. She said: “No method is right or wrong. Playing board game allows Sofia to learn obeying the rules and accepting win or lose is secondary. As a parent, it is essential to compromise and let go. Because of the pandemic, I arrange Sofia to celebrate her birthday with her classmates through video chat this year. Everyone is dressed up but Sofia is wearing pyjamas. I feel it is not the main point but giving a good memory. I also do self-reflection at times and try to accept the way they think.”