Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) is rumoured to take a long break due to suffering from tremendous pressure, after shooting Battle of the Seven Sisters (七公主) in last August. In fact, she followed her husband, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) who filmed series in Mainland China and both took the opportunity to go out for sightseeing together. Priscilla seemed to feel better after returning to Hong Kong. Lately, she travelled to Malaysia for a work trip and visited her good friend, Debbie Goh (吳天瑜). During an interview, she disclosed she would be staying over there for a month and recorded a video in the quarantine which became a heated discussion.

In the video, she did not apply any makeup under the sunshine and posted an online message: “In quarantine in Malaysia now. Good weather and “eating” it slowly.” Priscilla pretended she was “eating” sunshine and it revealed her flawless skin. However, some netizen said: “Your nose is “fake”. She responded: “My nose is indeed~” Many fans also defended her: “Fingers will become “transparent” once seeing the sunshine. Not to mention about the nose. This method is no longer accurate.”

Apparently, Priscilla had some baby fat upon joining the industry and her straightforward personality built good affinity with the audiences. However in recent years, she begins to have some changes such as sharp chin and nicer facial features which make the public suspect she goes for plastic surgery. Although a master advised her to make bridge of her nose higher, but Priscilla dismissed it during an interview from HK01 (香港01): “Honestly speaking, my favourite facial feature is my nose. From small to now, my mother told me it was a “lucky” nose and I am not afraid of telling you about it. I will not go for plastic surgery. I am used to criticisms and treat it as a news. Anyway, it is good that somebody is noticing about entertainment news.” Evidently, Priscilla is a positive and gracious person.