Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅) host an online platform, ChillGOOD TV show (絲打圍爐) and invite their good friend, Alina Lee (李炘頤) as a guest in the latest episode. They discussed about feminine charm.

Alina expressed others perceived her as a cool person and realised she had a cute and fun side. Shiga said: “Yes, it happens to me too. Haha! (Harriet: Not really. You are a smart and tactful person.” Shiga continued: “Alina, you said others will not see through you easily but others know it once I speak.” Harriet then pointed some men found silly women very cute. Shiga disclosed Bob Lam (林盛斌) exposed her cover while hosting a tour show together: “He told me to stop pretending as a smart woman. I am silly and best to let others to see my true personality.”

During the discussion about the top aspect that men found women attractive, Alina expressed she asked her male friends whom chose body and legs. Shiga has a pair of long and beautiful legs and said immediately: “That is why I have market value. (Harriet: Yes, you have a lot of market value.) Although I have flat chest, but I have a pair of long legs. Hence, it is 50%.” Harriet confessed she was a fleshy woman and Shiga revealed people pointed her too skinny. As for Alina, she remarked her sharp chin could suffocate people and all laughed instantly.

Shiga added her ex-boyfriend leaned on her shoulder to massage his head since it was full of bones which made Harriet shocked: “It is annoying. I told him to stop doing it and he rebutted that I was too skinny and refused to eat more.” She explained that she had a lean body but her face would be the first area to become fat once gaining weight: “I am considered pitiful but I reckon many guys like it though.”

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