Recently, Mandy Wong (黃智雯) completes the quarantine period and begins to film Chinese new drama (隱娘). A few days ago, the netizens uploaded photos of Mandy in Tang dynasty costume with light makeup online. She appeared elegant and it seemed she was shooting a scene in carriage. The netizens said: “Looks much better compared to TVB period costumes. Mandy seldom participate in period series and we are looking forward to it. We love it.”

According to the record, Mandy’s previous period drama was Captain of Destiny (張保仔) in 2015 and it was based in Qing dynasty. She had thick makeup and was dressed up glamorously. The series (隱娘) illustrates about mysterious “female assassin” and Mandy plays the role (遲若卿) but there is no full information yet.