Gigi Leung (梁詠琪), Catherine Chow (周家怡), Poon Chan Leung (潘燦良) and Johnny Hui (強尼) participate in ViuTV new drama, The Parents League (反起跑線聯盟) airing from every Monday to Friday at 9.30pm. The plot illustrates the parents reject to become “tiger mum” and “tiger dad” and hope their children will have happy childhoods.

In the series, Gigi tried different challenges as a mother and said: “Television director told me I am a silly mother and it is similar to my character in real life. In fact, I am still learning and trying hard with my family. I have support from Johnny in the drama. During the filming, my on-screen daughter and I build good bonding and she calls me mummy even after the shooting. It makes me feel very warm and miss her after the shooting wraps up.”

Gigi added she felt very nervous as it was her first time to join long-running series: “I always heard that it is very suffering. Television director is very nice and we will discuss prior to the filming. The entire team is very united and I enjoy working together with them. It is a happy experience and I do not mind shooting drama again, depending on the script.”

Finally, Johnny disclosed he had good interactions with his on-screen daughter who gave them nicknames. He said: “She will call Gigi as “piggy” and me as “qiang qiang”. I have many joint scenes with Gigi and she adds in her classic dialogues, but I doubt she could remember it all. Overall, it is a happy working experience.”