41-year-old Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) is promoted to “A” grade actress in TVB and gains recognition for her acting skills in The Righteous Fists (鐵拳英雄) and Flying Tiger 3 (飛虎3壯志英雄) drama. She also shares beautiful photos showing her fit body figure on Instagram occasionally. During an interview with Scoop (東張西望) a few days ago, Elaine exposed somebody suggested her to go for breast enhancement in order to expand her career.

Elaine joins the industry after filming Hearts of Fencing (當四葉草碰上劍尖時) series in 2002 and it has been a bumpy road. She said: “It is very funny. Chris Lai (黎諾懿) is the first person to say I am a “miserable wretch” and keeps telling me to go for breast enhancement, so as to boost my popularity. We work together for many years and he sees that I am having a terrible time. Everyone does not have a perfect life and I do not need to prove it to others.”

Subsequently, Elaine described that she might look fragile on the surface but was strong in her inner heart: “Yes, I am fragile at times but need to face it by myself as I have not found my Mr Right yet. (Will only start to date after having a successful career?) Nope. Honestly speaking, I am getting older and definitely want love and career. However, I have yet to find my Mr Right so my career is my top priority now.” Apparently, she has little gossips since joining the show business and usually admits if having a new romance. It is a pity that Elaine continues to have a dry love life.

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