Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and her chiropractor husband, Jeremy have a daughter, Kelly and a son, Jared after married in 2015. Lately, she uploaded a video recalling about giving birth to Kelly who is currently 5 year old and feeling her lower body had a strange feeling, as she could feel Kelly was coming to this world soon. At midnight, Kelly was indeed born. According to the doctor’s advice, Linda had to wait from 7pm to 6am in the following morning before going to the hospital. However, she felt very hungry and her mother-in-law decided to send her to the hospital, after seeing her lower body was bleeding.

Subsequently, Linda remembered she was in terrible pain and had to sit on a wheelchair and the doctor questioned her about going to the hospital at very late hour. She said: “It was extremely suffering. I had to use oxygen therapy throughout the process and my mother-in-law used iced water and ice packs to reduce the pain. Finally, I requested the nurse to help me to write the name, Kelly with heart shape symbol on blackboard. I kept looking at the name, Kelly and told myself that I must bring her to the world safely. Upon thinking about my mother’s similar experiences and my husband’s encouragements, Kelly was finally born.”

After resting in the hospital ward for an hour, Linda needed to go for a pee and the nurse suggested her to try to go to the toilet by herself. As a result, her lower body begun to bleed and it resembled a murder scene. She also fainted in the toilet and Jeremy shouted for help immediately. The nurse took Linda to A&E and she might need to go for a surgery. She then woke up and went to the toilet by herself. Linda said: “The checkup was worse than giving birth. Fortunately, the doctor told me the operation was unnecessary after monitoring my condition for a day. Finally, I could walk normally after resting for 2 months.”