Adia Chan (陳松伶) is married to Chinese actor Zhang Duo (張鐸) who is younger than her by 9 year old and currently resides in Mainland China. She gains higher popularity after participating in Chinese variety shows such as Sisters Who Make Waves (乘風破浪的姐姐) and My Dearest Ladies 2 (婆婆和媽媽2). Lately, Adia uploaded a dancing video together with Zhang Duo on Tik Tok and her dressing style makes her resemble a young woman.

Apparently, Adia joins the industry for many years and films countless of dramas including The No No Girl (全職沒女) and The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady (爾摩師奶). In recent years, Zhang Duo and she appear in variety programs together and show their love in the air occasionally. In the video, Adia is smiling while dancing and wears a mini skirt revealing her fair and beautiful legs. She also looks youthful than her actual age and having a blissful marriage is definitely the key to make ourselves appear younger.