Earlier, an old photo of Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) taken together with her fan more than 10 years ago went viral. She was pointed to resemble a Thai woman because of her tanned skin and the netizens remarked that fan looked prettier than Tavia. Subsequently, some suspected that fan edited the photo and said: “You deliberately did that? Yes, you are prettier than a celebrity. Why not becoming a star?”

After that, another fan uploaded a different old photo taken together with Tavia who appeared prettier but we could not see her nose. The netizen said: “Although Tavia is not very beautiful, but she has a good body figure and knows how to dress up. She also seldom talks to others.” Others defended Tavia that she remained youthful and had good acting skills.

In addition, the audiences compared her on-screen appearance to Rain Li (李彩華) and Lynn Hung (熊黛林) in Modern Dynasty (家族榮耀) drama. That netizen shared another old photo taken together with Lori Chow (周美欣) who emerged as second runner-up in 2007 Ms Hong Kong Pageant. Lori won compliments for her tall height and beautiful look.

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