Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and her chiropractor husband, Jeremy have one daughter, Kelly and one son, Jared, after tying the knot in 2015. Earlier, she recalled about the intense pain for 25 hours before Kelly was born and Jared 18 hours through a video on 2nd April. Linda pointed giving birth at home made her felt more relaxing and safe when compared to the hospital: “I feel I am an animal but classified as a human. It is one of my most beautiful experiences.”

She disclosed she had no idea about giving birth process at home until hearing about it from the mother of Kelly’s classmate: “They used very old equipment for preparation. For example: they use something resembles wood to listen to the sound from my belly and find out about the exact position of the baby. It is indeed fascinating.”

Linda expressed she could sense Jared was going to be born and called the nurse immediately: “She brought the basic equipment and suggested me to try different labour positions. I could dance once standing up and the waiting time was shorter. I remembered I tried to relax myself by sitting in the bathtub but it was not deep. Ultimately, I used the dog position and felt very comfortable. Guess what happens next? I fell asleep.”

She added the nurse woke her up and told her to push as hard as possible: “However, Jared’s head is bigger than Kelly and it was difficult for him to come out. Hence, it is another terrible experience. I asked Kelly to take a look and we could see Jared’s head was coming out slowly. I carried him immediately and was shocked to see he looked like Kelly. I sat down and raised both of my legs to push my placenta out. They then checked my wound while I laid down on the bed. Surprisingly, I did not need any stitches and felt very excited. I know many people disagree with the idea about giving birth at home but want to give the best to my kids. I do not regret my decision and feel very comfortable as everything happens at home.”