42-year-old Kate Tsui (徐子珊) gives up her 15 years acting career after withdrawing from show business in end 2019. She reveals she plans to pursue her studies in Europe but seems to stay in Hong Kong with no choice because of the pandemic. Lately, some netizen uploaded a video of Kate urging everyone to show their supports in a charity drive.

In the video, Kate expressed she would be going to a charity banquet and hoped to raise HKD$1,000,000 so as to donate to needy people. She urged everybody to support the auction and charity banquet. Based on the information, the banquet was conducted in Malaysia on 1st April and a group of fans promised to show their supports, once knowing about it. As Kate deleted her Facebook and Instagram accounts after retiring from entertainment industry, it is hard for her fans to know her latest update. Despite that, Kate remains fit and beautiful.

Apparently, Kate was heavily groomed by TVB and A-listed actress after winning 2004 Ms Hong Kong Pageant. In 2015, she studied jewellery course and proceeded to set up her own brand. Kate went on to pursue Master’s Degree in psychology and decided to give up her acting career, upon graduating in June 2019. She intended to leave Hong Kong by selling her apartment in Residence Bel-Air and vehicle. Her previous appearance was at the birthday of Eddie Kwan’s (關禮傑) wife, Anna Leung (關禮傑) and it is obvious that her fans feel excited, since seeing her again.

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