Former TVB actress Kate Tsui (徐子珊) announced her withdrawal from show business and gave up her 15 years of acting career in 2019. She deleted all her social media accounts and disclosed her intention to pursue psychology course in Europe. After around 2 years later, Kate finally appeared at a public event and remained beautiful in a black evening gown.

42-year-old Kate was heavily groomed by TVB after winning 2004 Ms Hong Kong Pageant. In 2015, she studied jewellery course and established her own brand. Subsequently, she pursued Master’s Degree in psychology in Hong Kong and decided to give up her acting career, after the graduation in 2019. In early 2021, Kate sold her apartment in Hong Kong and was forced to delay her migration plan, because of the pandemic.

Earlier, Kate appeared at a charity event in a hotel at Malaysia and hoped to raise HKD$1,860,000 to help the needy people. She remained slim and stunning in a black evening gown and was full of celebrity aura. Kate also took photos with many guests and won compliments.