Taiwanese singer Jay Chou (周杰倫) and his wife, Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) have been enjoying a blissful marriage, since tying the knot in 2014. He is well-known for doting on his wife and shares his family photos online frequently.

Not long ago, Jay showed photos of Hannah again and said: “Happy Wife Happy Life.” In the photos, the deer behind Hannah leaned its head on her gently and there was a certain distance between Jay and the deer. Ever wonder if he will be jealous since the deer likes Hannah?

Source: https://www.hk01.com/%E5%8D%B3%E6%99%82%E5%A8%9B%E6%A8%82/754863/%E5%AF%B5%E5%A6%BB%E7%8B%82%E9%AD%94%E5%91%A8%E6%9D%B0%E5%80%AB%E5%8F%88%E6%99%92%E6%84%9B%E5%A6%BB%E7%85%A7-%E7%B4%80%E9%8C%84%E6%98%86%E5%87%8C%E7%9A%84%E5%B9%B8%E7%A6%8F%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB