Edison Chen (陳冠希) is well-known for his dashing look and forced to reduce his on-screen appearances due to photo scandal in 2008. Since his daughter, Alaia is born, he becomes a family man and relocates to Los Angeles. Lately, a female netizen took photo with Edison and pointed he looked old and haggard.

In the photo, Edison was smiling and friendly in trendy attire. However, he does not look as handsome as before and we could see wrinkles and dark circles on his face. The netizens remarked the “male god” was getting old.

After the photo scandal, Edison announced he withdrew from show business in 2010. After dating Chinese model, Qin Shupei (秦舒培) and having a daughter, he becomes a good man and father. The public begin to have a better impression of him gradually.

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