Sharon Chan (陳敏之) invited her good friend, Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) to her online show, Chit Chat as a guest. Although both were neighbours from 1996, but Patrick dared not talk to her because of her cool appearance and said: “You look like a model and carry a bag all the time. I dared not say hello to you. You are tall and beautiful and your mother is more friendly.” Sharon explained she was a shy person.

Subsequently, Sharon confessed she did not really like Patrick: “He is a celebrity and I look forward to meeting him initially. However, I saw different women going to his house frequently.” He asked her: “What women?” She replied: “Colleagues. You always sing karaoke very loudly.” Patrick rebutted: “You are very loud too. It is annoying.” It turned out both loved to sing karaoke loudly over the weekend.

Sharon continued: “That is why we failed to become friends right from the beginning. You always sing very loudly with your male and female colleagues. Actually, I wanted to be a singer too. Thus, I sing loudly and it is frightening to see different people singing in your house. I know I am bad and wanted to stay away from Patrick.” Patrick said: “You are so mean.”