Not long ago, Taiwanese-American actor Vanness Wu (吳建豪) announced he signed contract with Virgin Music and became Lady Gaga’s junior. On 8th April, he released his new English song, CHILL which resembled an interview via video conferencing. Vanness confessed he did not expect to expand his career internationally and hope to work together with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga: “I feel happy and honoured to join the company. Upon recalling after returning to Taiwan in the past, the first interview that I went for was Virgin Music. I am looking forward to return to the original destination. It is extremely stressful when preparing my new song. Fortunately, everything was completed successfully.”

Vanness added he had intention to hold concerts in Hong Kong and other Asian countries: “I wish to hold a concert in the US once the pandemic is over. In fact, I have been planning to visit Andy On’s (安志杰) children in Hong Kong but it is cancelled because of the virus. They have returned to America and I visit them prior to the interview. His daughter, Tessa danced around while listening to my new song.”

Finally, Vanness evaded the question about his love life and disclosed he had close bonding with his family: “Despite a failed marriage, I still look forward to a new relationship and become a father one day.”