On 12th April, Selena Lee (李施嬅) accepted an interview at a radio show (口水多過浪花) hosted by Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲). After the online interaction via Instagram, Carol showed concern about Selena’s current health condition. Earlier, Selena uploaded a short video revealing that she suffered from autoimmune disease which was a complicated illness, and caused her immune system to become weak. She said: “I can look forward but not below because of my eyes. My left eye does not feel painful but I cannot work and apply makeup. It is weird to show that expression at the set and I cannot work for the time being. Earlier, it was very serious and I am undergoing treatment now and it takes time to recover. I will be working in June and it should be alright.”

After accepting her boyfriend, Anson Cha’s marriage proposal last year, both have yet to hold their wedding because of the pandemic. Selena said: “We are delaying it due to the quarantine. Anyway, we perceive each other as marriage partners and my mother is currently in Canada. We need to wait for her to come over and do not mind holding a wedding anytime. (Any baby plans?) I love kids but cannot be pregnant now because of this illness.”

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