TV Queen Ali Lee (李佳芯) drew a separate line with wealthy businessman, Mark Chan (陳恩德), aged 52, immediately after their rumoured underground relationship begun to widespread last year. Subsequently, Mark was furious and decided to transfer all his company’s advertisements to ViuTV, when TVB demanded him not to take photos and accept interviews together with Ali at his company’s event. As a result, it causes a heavy impact to Ali’s acting career and it seems Mark’s “revenge” is not over yet.

Based on the information, Sandy Yue (余詠珊) and Mark reached an advertisement agreement in her new show in Hong Kong Open TV, without TVB share. During an interview with HK01 (香港01), Mark emphasised he did not know Sandy and the advertisement deal was arranged by his colleagues: “I monitor Sandy’s programs all along and reckon we invest around 6 digit figure. I plan to have more collaborations with Hong Kong Open TV in the future.”

When asked about his love life, Mark replied: “I dare not woo any girls in show business and other industries. It is not a revenge and I might work with other new medias or even TVB. I will be releasing new cordyceps products as well.”