On 15th April, Joel Chan (陳山聰), Candice Chiu (趙希洛) and Bob Cheung (張彥博) were present at a promotion activity for TVB new drama, Barrack O’Karma 2 (金宵大廈2). As Selena Lee (李施嬅) suffers from autoimmune disease, her sudden appearance delivers a shock to everyone. She wore double face masks with sunglasses and looked energetic. Selena apologised for her previous absence and was recovering around 80%, but might need to go for another surgery.

Selena disclosed she was in good condition and exercised everyday, but must continue to wear sunglasses because of her eyes: “My vision has no problem but I have big and small eyes now. I will resume my work depending on my condition. My fiance, Anson Cha (車崇健) accompanies, encourages and gives me positive energy. The reviews from overseas is not too bad and it might not be satisfactory, because of terrifying plot and the parents disallow their children to watch it.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20220415/1650017199381/%e6%9d%8e%e6%96%bd%e5%ac%85%e9%a9%9a%e5%96%9c%e7%8f%be%e8%ba%ab%e3%80%8a%e9%87%91%e5%ae%b52%e3%80%8b%e6%b4%bb%e5%8b%95-%e8%ba%ab%e9%ab%94%e5%ba%b7%e5%be%a98%e6%88%90-%e6%88%96%e9%9c%80%e5%86%8d%e5%81%9a%e6%89%8b%e8%a1%93