In recent years, Adia Chan (陳松伶) resides and shifts her career focus in Mainland China. She is married to Chinese actor Zhang Duo (張鐸) who is younger than her by 8 year old and both are a lovey-dovey couple. Earlier, Adia uploaded a short boxing video and encouraged everyone to exercise. However, her tight-fitting attire showed layers of her body fats evidently. Subsequently, Zhang Duo shared their old photos taken at different timing and posted a message on Weibo: “Hello, who can guess the correct year of our photos taken? Yes, she indeed gains weight because of me and it is my capability.” It is obvious that he does not mind his wife’s body figure and defends her from the “attacks”.

Apparently, Adia gained high fame based on TVB drama, Song Bird (天涯歌女) in 1989 and was forced by her mother to give up her studies, in order to support her family. Hence, she decided to leave home and cut the kinship for 20 years. Before knowing Zhang Duo, her ex-manager cheated her hard-earned money and Adia suffered from depression even to the extent of committing suicide. Fortunately, Zhang Duo gave her support and she said during a previous interview: “He is not only my husband but my saviour too.” Both know each other from 2007 and remain a loving couple until now.