Lately, Raymond Lam (林峯) is pointed to look different with tanned skin and lose his high facial attractiveness in ViuTV and TVB shows, Chill Club and Jade Solid Gold (勁歌金曲). The netizens said: “Oh my god! Raymond looks old and haggard. He is an uncle now. It is a pity. Not as dashing as before. What happens to him after married? What did he do wrong?” His spouse, Carina Zhang (張馨月) replied: “He marries me as his wife and is not pitiful. Appearance does not last eternity but his talents and charm are forever.”

Apparently, 42-year-old Raymond has high expectations in himself and has been in a tip-top condition all along. However, he changes to a skin head hairstyle for a new drama and it might be the reason making him look older.