Ms Hong Kong Pageant is stepping into 50th anniversary year. The winner of 2013 Ms Hong Kong, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) had tears upon recalling about her past experience during 2022 Ms Hong Kong Pageant: Beautiful Legend 50 (2022香港小姐競選:美麗傳奇50載) show.

Karen (陳惠英) is the image consultant for the beauty pageant and pointed Grace was too skinny but her intelligence and high facial attractiveness made everyone forgot about her skinny built successfully. When watching that video, Grace had tears and said: “The show will reveal our weight and Karen knows everyone emphasises on it. They told me to drink plenty of fluid before weighing.”

Despite looking beautiful and having confidence, Grace was criticised for weighing less than 90 pound and suffered from tremendous pressure: “I reckon no girls want to use body figure and appearance as values. At the time, I felt very depressed and my family will read newspapers and I had to pretend nothing happened. Yes, I weighed 88 pound weight. I am born this way. What do you want me to do?”