Raymond Lam (林峯) released his new song, Still Naive (幼稚未完) in February. On 18th April, he was invited to ViuTV music show, Chill Club as a singer and expressed he looked forward to it, since appearing in music program other than TVB after 2 years later. Raymond said: “It is a good learning opportunity and my wish to work together with different teams. Today, I feel very lucky and relaxed as Joey (鄧建明) is here and we work together several times. It is a happy cooperation.”

Subsequently, Raymond sang in Chill Club show for the first time and felt relaxed: “There are not many audiences here and it resembles a rehearsal with the band for a concert. It is quite fun though. (Singing TVB drama songs?) It is arranged by the team and slightly different. Perhaps it is because of copyright issue. Yes, I will sing some old and drama songs.”

As Raymond made a comeback in singing industry in 2020, he confessed he felt positive: “I feel overjoyed to return to Hong Kong entertainment industry. Right now, I listen to different songs and try new challenges. As the audience in Hong Kong, I feel happy to see many new singers are working very hard. I really wish to work with different teams by using other methods and establish good rapports. (Who do you want to work with?) I am very greedy and want to work with people whom I never work before. Every opportunity is a learning experience. Thank you to the audiences for supporting my Cantonese songs and I have recorded new songs this year, and will be releasing through the platform later.”

When mentioned about scalding his hand while cooking supper for his wife, Carina Zhang (張馨月) earlier, he replied he was fine: “I am quite clumsy and tend to be anxious. Anyway, it is a small matter. (Is your daughter more clingy to Carina or you?) She is smart and clingy to both of us. She will call mummy too whenever calling daddy.”

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