Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) and his wife, Sukie Shek (石詠莉) remain a loving couple after tying the knot. Earlier, he was invited to Sharon Chan’s (陳敏之) YouTube channel as a guest and mentioned about falling in love with Sukie, while dating Selena Lee (李施嬅) at the time. Patrick flirted with her and the netizens called him a jerk. Hence, the video disappeared mysteriously. When asked if he requested to delete the video, Sharon dismissed it and replied: “Nope. It is technology problem and I will upload it again later.”

Apparently, Patrick dated several women including LuLu Kai (蓋世寶), Marsha Yuen (原子鏸), Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) and Selena Lee. He disclosed he begun to have feelings for Sukie in 2007, texted and treated her to supper when dating Selena at the point: “I know I am a jerk and can only flirt with her, but cannot woo her as I have a girlfriend. I am very frightened. Thus, I treated her as a friend and did not keep in contact after 2007 onward.”