Bob Lam (林盛斌) hosts TVB new variety show, Inspiration 360 (360秒人生課堂) and invites different guests to share their experiences in every episode. In the episode aired on 21st April, Sunny Dia (戴耀明) was invited as the guest and best noted for his silly roles in TVB. Sunny disclosed he was suspected to be hyperactive since little and decided to join TVB so as to kill boredom: “It makes me feel happy that I can act as a lawyer, pilot or kidnap a granny.”

In fact, Sunny participates in countless of dramas and plays different roles such as kidnapper, reporter and Japanese soldier. However, the audiences fail to remember his name and call him an “extra” and it made him felt disappointed. He pointed being an actor was a bumpy road and said: “I am not an “extra”. My name is Sunny Dia.”

Sunny mentioned about the influence by his deceased father and the guilt towards his mother: “She has a simple wish and wants me to look for a good woman, but I fail to grant her wish until now. My mother is in her eighties and I give up the working opportunities in Mainland China, in order to take care of her.” He is indeed a filial son.

As Sunny will be turning 50 year old in July, he remains single and recalled about having a crush on Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼). During the interview in TVB program (星光路上) last year, Sunny mentioned Charmaine was his “goddess” and his desire to marry her as his wife. He said: “I know her after filming War and Beauty (金枝慾孽) series in 2004. At the time, I kept telling her that I would marry her once becoming rich. Once, I was drunk and texted Charmaine that I missed her very much but no reply from her. She is a good woman and I believe it is everyone’s dream to marry her. At least, I confessed my love to her and did not feel any regrets.”

In addition, Sunny admitted he was very worried about his performance in this show and posted an online message a few days ago: “I received a phone call from Bob several months ago. I was in a dilemma and felt happy yet scared. Well, I get to reveal my thoughts but might not express myself well. I am an ordinary Hong Kong citizen and actor. I am struggling whether to say it or not. Anyway, I decide to say it and will bear the consequences.”