Lately, Shanghai is under lockdown because of the pandemic and increasing cases. Hence, many residents and Hong Kong artistes relocate to Shanghai feel unhappy. Benny Chan’s (陳浩民) wife, Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) is one of them and complained the sharp rises in vegetables including tomatoes, carrots and 15 eggs from $50 to $1500, excluding $500 delivery fee via live broadcast. Next, Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹) moaned about dividing a donut into several meals by recording a short video and it causes the public to assume food shortage. Subsequently, she explained it was a joke and was slammed by the public.

On the other hand, Raymond Lam’s (林峯) old love, Karena Ng (吳千語) manages to cook a delicious meal and thank her neighbours for group buying. Looks like it is heaven and hell for people currently living in Shanghai.

Apparently, Karena is dating a wealthy boyfriend, Brian (施伯雄) and living a luxurious life. During the lockdown in Shanghai, she shared her photo in a black vest and cooked delicious meal in a relaxing manner. One of the dishes, ginger and scallion crab is expensive and it is obvious that Karena is coping with the lockdown in Shanghai well.