After announcing her divorce news with Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) in early 2022, Hong Kong star Angelababy’s (楊穎) acting career is affected and her popularity begins to decline. At the time, she was a model and her fame started to increase after dating Xiaoming.

Angelababy is one of the longest members in Chinese variety show, Keep Running (奔跑吧). On 19th April, Bai Lu (白鹿) and Song Yanfei (宋妍霏) were rumoured to ignore Angelababy after Song Yuqi (宋雨琦) was taken photo of spitting ptysis on her last year. As Yanfei and Bai Lu collaborated previously, both chatted while walking and Angelababy followed behind them. 3 of theme did not engage in any conversations and it became an awkward situation.

As the shooting for 10th season for Keep Running program is currently commencing, the netizens request the crew team to treat Angelababy fairly as she is pointed for failing to get along with the production team and quit the show. On the other hand, Xiaoming continues his charity work during the lockdown in Shanghai and is praised as the role model.