On 23rd April, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) uploaded a new video on her YouTube Channel discussing about her third pregnancy and thanking the blessings from everybody. In the beginning, she showed her ultrasound photo to her children, walked to her room and shared her first 3 months pregnancy process with the netizens: “I believe this is my last pregnancy. Right now, I am expecting for 10 weeks. At the time, my period was late and I realised I was expecting for 5 weeks, after buying pregnancy test kit.”

Linda disclosed she could not eat many food and pointed it resembled to sickness but managed to control it. She felt she had a feeling of becoming a mother again and explained: “Because I saw my ultrasound photo and felt nervous during the checkup process. The doctor told me I could not record video but gave me a photo instead. It was hard for me to concentrate upon seeing the baby was very cute.”

Finally, Linda revealed she felt very uncomfortable during the first 3 months pregnancy: “I felt very emotional and had mood swings. I slept poorly and felt extremely frightened. Please do not be afraid to ask for help as I understand it perfectly. We just need to rest.”

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