57-year-old Eric Wan (尹天照) is best noted for his vampire role and becomes a classic on-screen couple with Joey Meng (萬綺雯) in ATV classic series, My Date with a Vampire (我和殭屍有個約會). During an interview in the show, Days of Walking Together (一起走過), he mentioned about leaving ATV due to pay issue at the time again: “I liaised my contract renewal with Jimmy Sin (冼志偉) and my salary was supposed to increase by more than $10,000, but it reduced to $500 because I was late in renewing the contract a week later.”

Thus, Eric decided to leave and approach ATV former chairman Lim Por Yen (林百欣) about his pay and requirements prior to filming My Date with a Vampire II (我和殭屍有個約會II) drama: “Mr Lim is a good man and added $50,000 to every episode that I participate.” Thus, he worked for ATV for more than 20 years. Apparently, Eric planned to enrol into TVB acting classes but was robbed and injured one day before the interview: “No choice. I chose ATV eventually and started my acting career.”

Subsequently, Eric disclosed someone wanted to headhunt him while working in TVB and he rejected them: “Yes, ATV is weaker in Hong Kong but I feel very happy working over there. TVB is totally different, full of politics and divided into ABC grade. In ATV, I do not mind working as stuntman or doing other stuff for free. When filming The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty (滿清十三皇朝) series, television producer asked if I could help as stuntman in Zhuhai due to lack of manpower. I then contacted Ken Lok (駱達華) and told the producer that he needed to pay us some money. We used it to treat entire crew to dinner thereafter.”

Unfortunately, Eric was accused of molesting, kissing and trying to hold singer Mango Wong (王秀琳)’s hands while filming My Date with a Vampire II series in 2004. Next, he confronted her and she lodged a police report. Although Mango withdrew the lawsuit, but it affected their reputations badly. After 6 years later, Eric’s wife, Teresa was diagnosed with leukemia and he left ATV, in order to take care of her. Finally, Eric made an on-screen comeback after Teresa had a bone marrow transplant. In recent years, he shifts his career focus to Mainland China and continues to shoot dramas, advertisements and stage performances.

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