Louisa Mak (麥明詩) is heavily groomed by TVB immediately after joining 2015 Ms Hong Kong Pageant. After 4 years later, she changed her contract with TVB and became Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and business consultant in an international firm. During a recent interview, Louisa expressed her working experiences in show business changed her perspective and lost her motivation. She dared not try many stuff including dating.

In 2017, Louisa revealed about suffering from sexual harassment more than once: “At the time, I was 17 or 18 year old and somebody did something bad to me at an exchange program in Mainland China. It was not considered rape.” However, the netizens suspected she was trying to increase her popularity and it caused a controversy. Louisa said: “I suffered from tremendous pressure and was worried about becoming jobless for 6 months. Thus, I decided to leave entertainment industry and pursued my dreams,”

Louisa graduated from law degree in University of Cambridge. She has beauty and intelligence and is crowned the champion in Ms Hong Kong Pageant. Louisa continued: “I might not find a high paying job after graduation and decided to join beauty pageant, in order to earn money quickly. However, it is a fast pace environment and lacks of stability. Hence, I needed to think about my financial source in the future.”

Subsequently, Louisa reckoned she could continue to earn good income if staying in the industry for several years, but did not want to rely on others and choose a partner because of money: “It is a wise decision. I enjoy a stable income and have promotion opportunities. Most importantly, I do not care about the public’s opinions and it gives me a stable work life. I also have more suitors now and dare to pursue my true love, since not a celebrity any longer.”

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