Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has been staying in Mainland China and will go for sightseeing, other than working. Lately, she uploaded her recent photo and posted a message on Weibo: “I get to know a new friend called “Dun Dun”. In the photo, Myolie had short hair and wore pink jacket in denim which reminded the netizens of her role in Triumph in the Skies II (衝上雲霄II) drama.

Earlier, she recorded a short singing video and the netizens said: “Myolie Wu in Sisters Who Make Waves 3 (乘風破浪的姐姐3) show.” Although she has yet to respond directly, but Myolie posted a good luck emoji and admitted to it indirectly. Based on understanding, the filming for the program has commenced but the production team has not announced the official members list until now. Not long ago, the unconfirmed members list went viral and Myolie was one of them. Her fans definitely look forward to her performance.