The cinemas are reopened from 21st April onward. Hong Kong new film, Breakout Brothers 2 (逃獄兄弟2) starring original cast team of first season including Patrick Tam (馬譚耀文), Louis Cheung (張繼聰), Justin Cheung (張建聲), Kenny Wong (黃德斌) and Adam Pak (栢天男) premiered on 28th April. In the sequel, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) joins as a new member and plays a villain.

During an interview at thank you event, Ron expressed he felt elated that the cinemas were reopened: “I act as a convict and bad guy. I get to work with Louis and Kenny in dramas previously and it is very fun. I also shoot movies with Justin before and we are quite familiar with each other. Hence, he “bullies” me at the set initially since I am a new member.”

When asked about the member that he wanted to cooperate, Ron replied: “Patrick Tam as he is a professional actor with good acting skills. It makes me feel happy. There are many action scenes too. I have no choice but to do it after action choreographer explains to me.”

Patrick also praised Ron during the interview: “Kenny and Ron have big breakthroughs and will give big surprises to the audiences. Ron looks good in action scenes and I reckon it is because of his dancing background.”

Finally, the cast team disclosed there might be a third instalment but it depended on the responses in second season.