Artiste Sharon Chan (陳敏之) invites Michael Tong (唐文龍) to her YouTube channel as guest in her latest video. Earlier, he discussed about his love life and bitter working experiences in show business this time.

When asked if he loved to act as muscular man who loved outdoor activities since playing such roles in TVB frequently, Michael denied it and said: “I feel very pitiful. Why do I always given similar roles just because of my muscular built? I look silly on television but not in real life.”

Michael also dismissed about his dashing look: “I am average looking and know the netizens will scold me if I say I look cool. I appear cool but not handsome and always work together with good looking guys. It is a fatal injury. In addition, I do not have fair skin and lose many opportunities. Michael, we need a man who looks sweet but you are too cool. I finally understand it and my tears begin to stream down on my face.”

Finally, Michael confessed he decided to shift his career focus to Mainland China due to poor working benefits in TVB: “I waited for 5 years before shooting Be Together (我心依然) drama and had no regrets in making this decision. I apply a bank loan to run izakaya because of the pandemic and it almost break even now.”