Tracy Chu (朱千雪) is crowned second runner-up in 2012 Ms Hong Kong Pageant. After 7 years later, she is married to her doctor husband, Justin (吳昆倫) and reduced her on-screen appearances, after becoming a barrister in 2020. Lately, Tracy uploaded her new photos and appeared to lose some weight.

It turns out that she loses 13 pound weight for nearly a year and discloses her slimming method. Tracy revealed she was poor in culinary skills and ordered food delivery with her hubby initially, but realised it was not an eternal solution and decided to learn to cook by watching YouTube. She said: “I could control the oil and seasonings. I cook vegetables, eggs and meat in every meal and eating bland food helps me to lose weight successfully. Eating cauliflower rice is a good replacement for boiled rice.”

In addition, Tracy tries “168” sliming method, eats food for 8 hours and only drink water, black coffee and tea for 16 hours. She also exercises by using treadmill for 30 minutes and 5 times per week at home. Tracy feels she needs to work harder to lose additional weight and hopes she will maintain it.