TVB general manager Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) son, Derek Tsang (曾國祥) and his wife, Venus Wong (王敏奕) are a loving married couple. Recently, she is discovered to delete all their photos and suspected to “remove” her wedding ring tattoo. Both are rumoured to have marriage problems due to working in different countries frequently. Subsequently, Venus recorded a video showing her tattoo on her finger and emphasised they were fine. On 26th April. she showed her wedding ring tattoo at the promotion activity for TVB new drama, Happily Ever After (婚後事) and dismissed the separation gossips. Eric was present as well.

When asked if he deliberately turned up to support Venus, Eric smiled and replied: “I am a very busy person and it is unnecessary to support my daughter-in-law. My main purpose is to support television producer and I could not even remember that Venus is one of the cast team members. (Notice the “separation” rumours between Venus and Derek?) Nope as I know it is fake news. 2 nights before, we had dinner together but the news reported they filed for a divorce on the following day. I wonder if both have an argument. I asked my son but he ignored me. (Are you worried?) Of course not. I do not believe fake news at all.” Venus explained Derek did not reply Eric because of time zone difference.

In addition, Venus denied about her marriage problem and deleted the photos in order to focus on her career: “I do not expect it becomes a big issue. My wedding ring tattoo is still here. (Is Derek aware of it?) He is currently working in England. I forwarded the news to him and everyone had a good laugh.”

Checking if Derek did not want to watch Venus’s intimate scenes with Him Law (羅子溢) and Joey Law (羅天宇), Eric answered on her behalf quickly: “That is why he has left.” She emphasised it was unnecessary to inform Derek since he did not interfere in her work.