Recently, Dickson Yu (余德丞) suddenly announced that he decided to leave TVB. According to a news source, Matthew Ho (何廣沛) is rumoured to be heavily groomed by TVB and given the lead role in new drama, Let Me Take Your Pulse (你好,我的大夫). TV Queen Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) is his filming partner who helps him to become “A” grade actor. During an interview with Ming Pao (明報), Matthew thanked the company for giving him many opportunities and the new series was arranged to release in early 2022 around 1 or 2 years ago. Thus, it explained about his additional on-screen appearances.

Matthew confirmed he agreed to film Let Me Take Your Pulse drama a month ago and rejected to reveal more details: “I am clueless about linking to Dickson’s leaving news. It is my first time to work with the team and a young and refreshing feeling. All cast team members have high facial attractiveness. I love to shoot medical series and Life on the Line (跳躍生命線) and Big White Duel (白色強人) drama received good reviews. It make me looking forward to it. I also signed a long term contract with TVB. (Any plans to buy a property?) My career is my top priority and it is my wish to buy a flat. (Wishing to buy a luxurious mansion within 3 years?) Of course.”