43-year-old Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) uploads videos on Tik Tok frequently after shifting her career focus to Mainland China last year. A few days ago, she shared a video trying snacks at the street in Guangzhou but was slammed by the netizens for being exaggerating and failing to wear face mask.

In the video, Shirley wore a pink top with sunglasses and full makeup but nobody recognised her. She expressed she was looking for delicious snacks at Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. Inside the restaurant, Shirley ordered stir-fry rice rolls with soy sauce and Shunde fried fish skin. First, she described rice roll was thinner than her skin and fish skin was delicious and “magical”. It was exaggerating and Shirley asked for recommendations for good restaurants.

As the passer-by were seen wearing face masks, the netizens said: “Please set a good example as celebrity and wear face mask. The pandemic in Guangzhou is serious yet you are not wearing face mask? Are you worried that nobody recognises you? You want to look smart?” However, some defended Shirley that she was recording a video and did not wear face mask. Another netizen said: “You are exaggerating. There are many places selling delicious food in Guangzhou.”

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