Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) plays the female lead in TVB new drama, After Marriage (婚後事) for the first time and her role files for a divorce with Him Law (羅子溢). She confessed she felt stressful due to handling many emotional scenes. A few days ago, both were at the outdoor shooting with their on-screen daughter at the Central. During the break, Yoyo tried to cultivate her mood and discussed with television director after the filming.

Subsequently, Yoyo pointed the scenes were not as simple as it appeared and shooting emotional scenes required meticulous acting skills: “I am very worried about performing poorly. I feel like going to work everyday resembles fighting in a battle as we must act in every scene well. (You specially applied leave to celebrate your daughter, QQ’s (王靖喬) birthday?) Yes, she turns 10 year old and it is a meaningful date. She will be unhappy if I am not celebrating together with her. Thank you production team for approving my leave application. (Did her father, Vincent Wong (王浩信) wish her happy birthday?) I am not telling you.”

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