Grace Chan (陳凱琳) shoots an advertisement as the ambassador for fast food restaurant. She expressed the restaurant released vegetarian bolognaise spaghetti lately. At the set, she wore sports attire revealing her fit body figure. When asked about the method to maintaining her body shape during the pandemic, Grace replied: “It is important to have a healthy lifestyle and I eat vegetarian food at times. In recent years, there are a wide variety of vegetarian food choices and it is easier for us to accept. It should be less difficult for meat lovers to eat vegetables now. I also exercise upon waking up every morning and become a “devil coach”. I try to encourage my family to exercise with me. In fact, we only need to train for 30 minutes and could see some improvements.”

She added she begun to have muscles since carrying her 2 sons frequently: “I exercise and eat food high in protein and start to have firm muscles. Many people assume eating vegetarian food lack of nutritions but I believe it is achievable as long as maintaining a balanced diet.”