Matthew Ho (何廣沛) was present at an event in a shopping mall in Kwun Tong and one bystander shouted: “You are very smart in real life! TVB is grooming you! Good luck!” According to a news source, Matthew was heavily groomed by TVB after Dickson Yu (余德丞) left and said: “The company has many outstanding actors. I will be participating in new drama, Hello, My Doctor (你好,我的大夫) and all cast team members are youngsters. The management will see our efforts as long as we work hard and I appreciate all opportunities given by the company.”

Subsequently, Matthew disclosed his family witnessed his efforts and supported his series, Story of Zom-B (食腦喪B) and Stranger Anniversary (雙生陌生人) every night. When mentioned about having moustache in Stranger Anniversary drama made him looked mature, he replied: “I make the suggestion and television producer approves it. Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and I are cousins and I want to use this image to increase our bonding. It makes me look professional and stylish and the audiences could see a different side of me. In fact, I prefer neat and tidy look but willing to make any sacrifices for my role.”