In recent years, 56-year-old Bowie Lam (林保怡) has been living in a low-key manner and seldom makes public appearances. A couple of days ago, he uploaded a short video recorded at home and posted an online message: “My daily routines during the pandemic. My dog loves to sit on the floor and I must clean the house frequently. Let’s eat healthily and exercise!” In the video, Bowie was vacuuming and his dog sat on the floor but the netizens focused on the guitars hanging on the wall instead.

In 2017, Bowie bought a luxurious mansion facing the sea at Sai Kung Town and there were many guitars hanging on the wall in the living room. In TVB drama, Heaven and Earth (天與地), he played a drummer and it turned out that Bowie loved to play guitar in real life. Bowie rose to high fame based on War and Beauty (金枝慾孽) series and decided to shift his career focus to Mainland China in 2011. Bowie participated in countless of dramas and movies and earned high income. He bought Lamborghini sports car and revealed his mansion in a Chinese show, A Bite of China (廚房的秘密).

Lately, Bowie sets up his own company and reduces his on-screen appearances. In 2020, he filmed ViuTV drama, The Gutter (歎息橋) as television producer and it received positive reception. In 2015, Bowie moved back to Hong Kong and confessed he wore second hand clothes and seldom went out for entertainment during a previous interview. He loved to go for hiking and buy sports cars. It is obvious that Bowie is living a carefree life.