Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) and her ex-boyfriend, Anthony ended their 4 years relationship. She believed experiences made her wiser and her career was her top priority: “First, we must learn to love ourselves.”

She expressed it did not deter her to pursue love and depend on destiny: “Communication and feeling comfortable are important when meeting new friends. A girl thinks about marriage at 18 year old and I used to think that way too. Right now, I plan to upgrade myself and focus on my career.”

When asked if she would be extra cautious in confiding in friends after the rumoured conflicts with Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), Ka Man replied: “I will be extra careful, stop and think about it. I choose to confide in my mother and sister now. Earlier, I learned to ride motorcycle for drama and injure myself, due to falling down. Upon telling my mother, she told me I remained a kid forever regardless of my age. I am growing up, learning to bear responsibilities and taking care of my parents.”

Mentioning that her short hairstyle failed to impress the netizens, Ka Man explained she cut her hair short because of new series and after the discussion with television producer: “Otherwise, I will continue to keep my hair long. Anyway, it is convenient to exercise and blow dry my hair. It is my first time to cut my hair short and I understand that not everyone will like it. It is interesting that many netizens teach me to manage short hair though.

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