Benny Chan (陳浩民) and his wife, Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) are currently residing in Shanghai which is in lockdown. A few days ago, both played live broadcast while eating and Lisa disclosed they dealt with leftover food by giving it to their nanny. Immediately, it becomes a controversy. The netizens pointed leftover food was cold and unhygienic and they should leave some food for their nanny, before eating it. At the time, Benny and Lisa ended the broadcast abruptly without any explanations.

This time, Lisa rebutted since facing similar accusations and explained she enjoyed her life and used her own money to hire the nanny: “I do not have the habit to eat together with her. Employees are disallowed to eat together with their boss and it is not disrespectful when we give her leftover food. Instead, she feels very grateful. Yes, her work is not easy but we pay her $20,000 and it is considered very high pay in Shanghai. However, her response fails to resolve the issue and Lisa is even described as a harsh employer.