On 7th May, James Ng (吳業坤) announced he was married without disclosing his spouse’s identity. Subsequently, the netizens did a background search on his wife and it turned out to be a Japanese actress, Aiko Hamaguch (濱口愛子) who is 27 year old. On 1st May, Aiko announced her marriage news and would be relocating to another country thereafter. James stays in Tuen Mun and she will be staying together with him.

On 16th May, James uploaded his photo taken at the airport in Japan and posted a message on Facebook: “The weather in Hong Kong seems terrible.” The netizens suspected he returned from Japan to Hong Kong and wondered if his wife followed him.

In addition, James responded through Shaw Brothers Studio agency: “Yes, James is back and wants to give some privacy to his wife. Please give them some time to adapt to it. Thank you for the understanding and concern. He will be resuming his work and meeting up with everybody soon.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20220516/1652709078275/%e5%90%b3%e6%a5%ad%e5%9d%a4%e7%94%b1%e6%97%a5%e6%9c%ac%e8%bf%94%e6%b8%af-%e6%97%a5%e7%b1%8d%e5%a4%aa%e5%a4%aa%e9%9c%80%e8%a6%81%e6%99%82%e9%96%93%e9%81%a9%e6%87%89%e6%96%b0%e7%92%b0%e5%a2%83